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Customer Testimonials for Southwest Florida Recording Studio Unity Gain

I have been producing audio books since the 1980’s. My clients include some of the largest publishing companies in the world. I am based in New York City but often must record out of town. I had the extreme good fortune to find myself on a job (audio recording for the “Dexter” series) in Fort Myers where I discovered a gem of a recording studio, UNITY GAIN Recording Studio and Recording Institute. Anthony Ianucci, owner and chief engineer is a superb recordist and production talent. My requirements are very specific technically and Anthony meets and exceeds them at every turn. The studio sounds great with the latest gear and a wide selection of mics. But what makes UNITY GAIN my place of choice in West Coast Florida is the personal and expert service Anthony provides. I hold all other recording houses, no matter where, to the high standard of service and quality of recording I always receive at UNITY GAIN. I wish I could record all my projects there.

David Rapkin Twice Grammy® Award winning audio producer New York City July 2013

Unity Gain Recording Studio has help Sanibel Community Church on a number of occasions. Our first project was a single song we were recording for our capital building campaign. This particular song was to go in a video as the sound track. The final product turned out incredible thanks to the engineers expertise at Unity Gain. The second project we did required Unity Gain to mix a live concert we had recorded and duplicate our CD's for us. The final product was excellent and is regard as the best music project we have ever done. I would highly recommend Unity Gain to anyone who wishes to achieve excellence in their audio project.

Sanibel Community Church - Technical Director

We used Unity Gain to produce a voice over project for an interactive touch screen kiosk. They helped us find just the right talent to animate our talking parrot. The session went flawlessly and the engineer was very easy to work with.

OmniGraphix Corp.- Project Coordinator

Everytime I get a chance to work at Unity Gain I am amazed at the project's end results. As a singer songwriter I am my own worst critic, but time and again Unity Gain gives my project a professionally produced sound. The level of quality of thier studio musicians is incredible.

Shawn Robbins - Singer/Songwriter

This is the only "Real" studio in southwest Florida

Ryan Kida - "The Kida Experiment"

I have recorded 2 CDs at Unity Gain, and the musical, artistic and personal experience has been extremely rewarding. I'm a classically trained singer and my goal for my second CD project was to step out of the classical/opera mindset and expand into a more pop/crossover style. With Anthony's patient guidance I was able to surpass artistic abilities beyond which I thought I was capable. Anthony has an uncanny sense of when to guide me and when to allow me to express myself. As a result, we produced 2 CDs of which I am exceedingly proud. Anthony's "ears" are magical, his attention to detail is astounding, and his standards of quality and excellence are world-class. Another outstanding musician on staff at Unity Gain, that was part of both my projects, is Michael Junkroski. Michael arranged most of the songs on both CDs and his musical skills and artistic concepts were beyond my expectations. He created imaginative, beautiful, and original musical arrangements to popular standard songs - all customized to my desired style, range, and personality. He is wonderful to work with and he has been an inspiring artistic blessing in my life. It is with the utmost confidence and trust that I suggest that if anyone is looking for an exceptional, professional recording experience with personal, friendly and customized attention, they should look no further than Unity Gain Recording.

Nancy Buckingham, CDs: "Enchanted", "Kiss Me/Besame”

Okay. I'll say IM a student at unity gain and I am now on year 2. The instructor (Anthony) is very knowledgable and every time I need a question answered twice he makes sure he dosnt let me move on unless he knows I'm confortable with my task. It is a very professional environment and the equipment is up to today's standards and I would recommend this school to anyone that asks.

Justin Collier

Attending Unity Gain Recording Institute was one of the best choices I have made in my life. It has taught me so many things and introduced me to great engineers, musicians, and new friends. The small class sizes keep students focused and able to ask questions whenever they please. We covered topics from the history of recording to the newest digital techniques. Anthony has a vast knowledge of the industry and teaches it in a very fun, interesting way. Very pleased with my time there and highly recommend for any aspiring audio engineers.

Jesse Schneck

A great place to record a tune and learn about music production!

Charlie Rose

i have done some recording there in times past and these guys are really great and a lot of fun with a serious note about your music--can't go wrong with /unity gain recording studio/it doesn't cost a zillion dollars either to get somthing done--if you have no patience,you should not enter into the music biz period!my poem /america/ was recorded there--my poem has been listened to by the vietnam veterans traveling wall--been read in the white house in washington by past first lady laura bush and her husband george--past president--jimmmy carter and much more--cheers---joe hendrickson my songs can be heard at

Joe Hendrickson

Great place great people! Tony and his crew rock!

Evelio Rodriguez

I recorded my album and just finished today. I had 15 songs. They mixed and mastered it perfectly. They duplicated and created the cover righting the studio. I highly recommend this Recording Studio. I think they are the best in Southwest Florida! I will be back for my next album.

Patricia F.

Anthony is the master - a virtuoso. Smart as a whip, deeply cares about students and clients, always trying to push the envelope, honest and fair. Great musical instincts, insightful views, creative panache and way ahead of the curve. If you want to learn from the master, this is the place. If you want L.A./N .Y. production quality with local charm, warmth, fun and old school values, this is the place. And a big shout out to our buddy Bart, who somehow keeps the trains running on time and is a "the man" when it comes to the biz side of things. If you're a true "audio nut", this is the only place to consider. You guys rock.

Bob H.

I came to this studio last week with my family and we were welcomed by Anthony. Very comfortable atmosphere. Unity Gain is my new favorite studio. As professional as it gets. I am so impressed I also enrolled my son into the Recording Institute. HE LOVES IT!

Jenny F.

Very good business. Anthony Iannucci is really experienced. He loves what he does. Very knowledgeable. Reasonable prices. I will be back!

Billy L.

Anthony is the top-of-the-line sound engineer! Like the previous review said he has 25 YEARS of experience and it shows. I went to another studio in the area and was not happy. Anthony fixed the job and gave me a BIG discount. Professional, compassionate, understanding, and his work is perfect. He is a perfectionist, which is what is needed in the music industry! My corporate office was very impressed! If you come to Fort Myers go here! You won't be sorry!

Peter K.

The BEST Recording Studio I have ever went to. Very friendly staff. The prices are good. Anthony is the best. You get what you pay for. Very innovative he has a Recording Studio, Recording School, and Apple Training Center. 5/5 stars! I can't get over how good he is! I guess it comes with over 25 years of experience. He is the best Keep Rockin'

John S.

I had an old home video that they did a great job on duplicating from a VHS to a DVD! Top notch work!


To Whom It May Concern, I attended Unity Gain Recording Institute for both Logic and Audio Engineering classes. I can honestly say the instruction was well worth the price. If you are looking to learn Audio Engineering do yourself a favor and attend the school you won't regret it. Mr. Iannucci is a highly qualified Audio Engineer and freely shares his passion and knowledge with his students. No regrets

Rex Ivy

I took the Audio Engineering Course at Unity Gain in 1996. It was much less expensive and fit into my schedule way more than the school all my friends were telling me I should go to. The course was thorough and comprehensive and gave me the skills I needed to engage in a career of recording and live sound. I really enjoyed the small class size and the personal attention from the instructors. My first day of working for an audio engineer after I completed the course ended up with him paying the school the best compliment. He said,"I was surprised, you really do know what you are doing! That hasn't always been the case with people coming out of the bigger schools."That gig led to a job as a sound op for plays at the Asolo Theater and ended up in a 14 year stint as the Technical Director/ Recording Engineer for the Sarasota Orchestra as well as being a sought after Sound Designer in the Sarasota area. During this time, in 2005, I went back to Unity Gain to take the newly offered Advanced Course which honed my skills in digital multitrack recording and editing. I am currently working for a touring video game orchestra concert which premiered in Sydney, Australia and has upcoming dates in Toronto and London. I owe my career to Anthony, Bart and the rest of the staff at Unity Gain. Their expertise and passion for the craft set me on the path that has changed my life. The skills I learned at Unity Gain, from recording and editing to customer relations, have kept me gainfully employed from the time I left. The education they provide will give you the tools necessary to work in the real world of audio production and to go as far as you want .

Steven L.