The Southwest Florida music production team at Unity Gain has over twenty years experience in creating a variety of musical styles. Our talent pool in combination with our in house electronic music equipment enable us to create professional radio ready recordings.


Some clients come with little or no musical ideas...others come with complete concepts. We have the ability to create what’s necessary to see the project complete.


Many want to perform some or all of the musical parts....others need professionals to fill the musical gaps. We have a variety of in house talent to perform and create music in a specific style such as Country, Rock, Pop, R&B or Rap.


We have experienced staff that will record, mix and master your recording for presentation. Complete packaging from just a few to thousands of Compact Disks, Vinyl, Cassettes, DVDs or VHS formats are ready in house for distribution.

Copyright / Publishing

Our staff can guide you through the steps that are necessary to protect your ideas and recordings by submitting copywriter forms to the Library Of Congress and publishers.
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