Creating a professional image and then marketing your idea to the prospective client is the key for success in any corporate environment. The staff at Unity Gain Recording have over twenty years experience working with other professionals in the industry and has been instrumental in creating a variety of successful corporate marketing projects. Some clients record one project. Other clients create a series of projects on a single or a variety of topics. We do it all from the initial recording and editing to mastering, packaging and duplication. Listed below is just a few of the more popular approaches:


Sometimes not all the necessary personal can attend a specific lecture; or a conference meeting needs to be recorded for future use. Audio recording a compact disk solves this problem. Professional packaging and distribution can prove to be profitable.

Audio Calling Cards

Some of our existing clients are professional speakers who travel worldwide. The concept of an audio calling card brings life to describing specific services in a more informative way in comparison to a printed business card. This approach has proven to increase potential client base.


Live or telephone recorded client testimonials have been an effective way to prove the quality and worth of a product

Audio and Video Interactive

We have all the necessary software to create an interactive product that contains professional Audio as well as Video components. This can be audio with photo footage or audio with graphics to convey a specific message.
Many clients like to be involved in as much of the corporate marketing techniques used. Others prefer to have hired professionals. We support both approaches separately or in combination. The talent pool at Unity Gain supplies a huge variety of choices for the personalities necessary to promote your product. Irregardless of what your objective is, the staff at Unity Gain can assist you in meeting your goals in cost effective ways. Although we strongly suggest recording in house because of our acoustically designed rooms, we can accommodate those who need on site recording and / or sound reinforcement.

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