I looked around for recording schools and was fortunate to find Unity Gain Recording Institute. Unity Gain’s classroom and hands on approach to learning helped prepare me for the real world of recording. Unity Gain gave me the skills I needed to succeed in achieving my dream of opening my own studio.

B.G. Simpson, Owner – Sidetrack Studio, FL

When I traveled from Brazil to the United States for a recording school I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. I was a bit nervous about making it in the states, but once I got to Unity Gain I realized I made the right choice. The staff was friendly and helpful; I made many good friends and professional contacts while at Unity Gain. The schools flexible schedule allowed me to work while I was going to school and I their job placement help get me a job before I even graduated.

Marco Vidor – Freelance Engineer, IL

Its been many years since I have graduated from Unity Gain and I came to the school with years of experience in sound engineering. I decided to pursue a formal education to brush up on the things I had known and learn about the new technology quickly immersing the audio industry. The skills I learned at Unity Gain and the contacts I have made have made me an even more skilled engineer, I have truly never stopped learning from my colleagues at Unity Gain Recording Institute.

Hamp Walker–– EarFood Sound, FL

My time at Unity Gain was truly life changing. The skills I learned have produced a real world change in my life. Upon graduating I had the skills necessary to open my own live sound company. The best part is that with Unity Gains lifetime class enrollment, I can go back to class anytime I want and brush up on new technology and techniques in the field.

Johnny Marquez - Diamond Productions, FL

Unity Gain Recording Studio has help Sanibel Community Church on a number of occasions. Our first project was a single song we were recording for our capital building campaign. This particular song was to go in a video as the sound track. The final product turned out incredible thanks to the engineers expertise at Unity Gain. The second project we did required Unity Gain to mix a live concert we had recorded and duplicate our CD's for us. The final product was excellent and is regard as the best music project we have ever done. I would highly recommend Unity Gain to anyone who wishes to achieve excellence in their audio project.

Sanibel Community Church - Technical Director, Fl